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Hearst Amateur Sports Tournaments Organisation

Hasto in Brief

Created in June 2022, Hearst Amateur Sports Tournament Organisation, a not-for-profit organisation, has a mandate to promote sports and physical activity for the members of the Hearst region, mainly through ice hockey, slo-pitch and golf.

Currently with a calendar of four events annually in April, July, September and December.

While promoting well-being through sports in the community and with the participation of teams based within Northern Ontario, H.A.S.T.O wants to give back to the community and other associations based in Northern Ontario.

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Our Tournaments

Our Tournaments

Our four main tournaments

Hockey is 4-on-4 format

Golf is a scramble best-ball play

Every team is guaranteed 3 hockey games and one round of golf

Team consist of 8 players

Fundraiser event

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Co-ed 5-on-5 Hockey tournament

Every team is guaranteed 4 games

Three 10 minutes stop-time period

Team consists of a minimum of 5 women skaters and 5 men skaters.

A, B and C division

Fundraiser event


Out-of-breath Hockey tournament

Every team is guaranteed 4 games

Team consists of 6 skaters and a goalie

A, B and C men’s categories; A and B women categories

Prize pool determined yearly depending on inscriptions.


Three pitch slopitch tournament

Every team is guaranteed 4 games

4 innings round robin games

Team consists of 6 guys and 4 girls

Two divisions for Sunday playoffs

Prize pool for two categories

Sponsorship Opportunities

Help support amateur sports in Hearst
Silky Waves
Get in touch

For any feedbacks or questions, send us an email. 

 Meet our directors: 

President and Chairman:

Denis Lanoix 


Marc-André Longval 


Paulo Morin


Kevin Jomphe,

Félix Morissette and

Alain Rioux

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